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All right. So today we’re going to talk about how to get more reviews without asking. But first we’re going to talk about why reviews are important because in this podcast we ask for reviews at the end, because from an apple perspective, the reviews actually help move us up in the indie charts. And so reviews definitely help with it from a product perspective, they help increase conversion rates. So reviews are super important because they’re a trust symbol, right?

So Neil, you can start first. Yeah. Typically, if you don’t ever ask them for review, you’re not going to get one. And most people, the way they believe that you get reviews is by literally asking your customers. If you’re in a story, you say, Hey, do you mind reading, reviewing this? Or if you’re doing a podcast episode at the end, we’ll ask for people to do a, to rate review, but there’s a simpler way to get people to leave reviews without technically asking them to.

But you pretty much are just without saying it vocally. What we found is. Instead of bribing them or doing anything like that, you can use software solutions like a podium, or you can add it to your email drip sequence or your texts weakens. If you’re using like attentive and you can ask people, what do they think? And you can just link them to a place where they can give feedback. And some of these places could either be review sites or they could just be a form where you’re capturing the reviews on your own website, but asking people not necessarily to leave a review or rating. If you’re using technology and you want to streamline it and just put it into your sequence and just getting their thoughts on what they think, what you’ll find is.

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When you ask them what their thoughts are and you link them to a place where they can leave a review. They’ve got a lot of people to leave the reviews without pretty much saying, Hey, please go here to leave a review. You’re just saying, Hey, we’ll love to hear what you think so we can improve our product or service. And then you may link them to your Amazon review page or Yelp review page or Google my business page. Cool. So on my end I’ll keep it very simple and I’ll actually go a little build on what Neil is saying, but, we use a service for click flow called ask nicely. And what it basically does is it will ask you for Hey, on a scale of one to 10 Neil, how likely are you recommend our software? And if you rate a nine or 10, then it’ll actually push you to review. So it’s it’s it’s not a direct ask for a review, right? It’s a, if this, then that, and so nine or 10, that’s what happens if it’s a seven or eight, it’s neutral. We don’t really do much with that, but if it’s a six or below, We asked for feedback, like, how can we be better?

What can we do? How can we improve? That’s what we’re really looking for signal versus noise when it comes to the feedback. Cause that’s an opportunity to improve the product. You can’t just build a product a, in a vacuum. You can use a lot of different solutions out there. We just use asked nicely and it’s that’s ask not ass. But no, go for it. No, I think that’s it. You don’t really have to do much more than that. And the more. Channels where you collect people’s information like SMS messenger, like Facebook messenger. You can also leverage Instagram these days or whether it’s just as simple as the email, it gives you more opportunities to get feedback. And you don’t, as we all both mentioned, you don’t really have to ask for review. You can say it in other ways, ask for feedback, whatever it may be. And when you do that, a lot of people will love to do it, especially if they enjoyed your product or your service. Yeah. Here’s the thing, right? When you’re asking like that, you’re actually getting double the benefit, right? So it’s you get the review or you get the feedback, right? Both are freaking great. That is it. For today. Go to marketing school, the IO slash L I V E to check out the event that Neil and I are doing come September. So we’re going to get to hang out again and then don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. We’re asking you right now, though. We’ll catch you later.

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