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All right. So today we’re going to talk about how to talk directly to your customer’s desires. One thing that I learned when I started doing marketing years and years ago, there was this marketer that many of you may have heard of Sean Ellis, and he talked about something called product market fit in which he was a psych. You got to figure out what makes your customer super happy and you need a.

Talk about more of the points that make them happy in your copy in your marketing, in your funnel to then convert more people and generate more quote unquote happy customers because you’re focusing on what people love and bringing that out and through his product market fit survey, you can Google it. And he has this whole process of figuring out if you have product market fit. And throughout that process, you can get feedback from people on what they truly like.

What’s making these people satisfied. And what we’ve found is if you take some of that copy on, what’s making them truly happy. What’s knocking their socks off and putting that within your copy. You end up speaking to the customer’s desires, their wants, and your conversion rate goes up and your ROI goes up as well. So on my end, there’s a couple things. So talking about product market fit really in the software world. You have to do a lot of customer development to figure out what features or what you should be putting on your product roadmap.

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Instead of building an, a vacuum, if you build an, a vacuum, if you think you have all these ideas and you know it all you’re going to end up not doing the best thing for your customers, right? Ultimately, you’re trying to, you’re trying to build around what your customers need. So the mom test is a great book because it teaches you to ask. Non-leading questions. For example, what’s the worst part of your day, right? In terms of work, and then you can ask other questions, like how would you improve your workflow? And then you’ll understand that the problems that they’re facing. And I just remember talking about customer desires.

I remember. The levels CEO, it’s a continuous glucose monitor and allows me to see when I’m, if I eat something, if it spikes or not. And I signed up for the wait list and he’s Hey, are you free for 45 minute calls? So I was intrigued and I wanted to see how you structured it. So we got on 45 minute call, he asked me all these pointed questions. And so he understood, and he was like, asking you asking me what’s your primary use case for this? I was like, I just want to measure my health. So you understand there’s a little marketing message right there. Oh, you want to measure your health? And he’s okay, why is that important to you? And so after the call, I was like, Hey those were very, thoughtful questions. How many of these have you done a thousand phone calls, and what does that does? A 45,000 minutes. So that’s a lot. And then I’m the CEO of superhuman, Raul, and I had him on a leveling up podcast and they’re doing right now. I think it’s that their AR is like 30 million ARR or something like that. Do you know, do you remember Neil? I don’t, I didn’t know.

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There were that high they’re big. They’re big. Yeah. And so they’re our email tool. And so what role did was he basically, he had a gatekeeper, so he would send an email saying, Hey what’s your biggest struggle with email right now? And then if he got really interesting responses, he would cherry pick the best ones and reach out to them. And if they’re in San Francisco, he would meet them in person. So like my whole point around this is that. They’re going to send out a survey, whether you want to meet people in person talking to them on the phone, it’s really important to not operate in a vacuum to understand, Hey, after you start getting in conversations with these people, people saying the same things over and over.

You now know this is what their desire is, and you can tie that in with your marketing message. And in the final thing, I’ll say around this for the growth accelerator that Neil and I have our peer group, we had an April Dunford. Speak. And she has a great book on positioning called obviously awesome. And she really helped catapult a dying product that, that basically they’re trying to wrap up and basically they turned the whole thing around and I believe they sold for a billion dollars, but because she would talk to over a hundred customers and she started to figure out the core desires on a certain subset and it repositioned a product completely. And then boom, it exploded. She has a great book, obviously. Awesome. Highly recommend you check that out, Neil. Make sure you guys check out marketing And please. Don’t forget to rate, review this podcast.

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