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Today, we are going to talk about how inflation is here and here’s what we are doing about this. But before we begin, this is not financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes, only Neil. And I don’t want to lead you astray. We’re just going to tell you what we’re doing. But first and foremost, Neil, we should talk about what inflation is and what the implications are. Sure. So inflation is typically if you go to the store and you buy a. Carton of milk, it may cost you a dollar or a Euro or pound or whatever price it will cost you inflation is when you go to the store and you pay a fraction more for the same carton of milk. So instead of a dollar, maybe you pay $2. In other words, the currency is somewhat devalued in which. It costs more for the same thing that used to buy the previous day or previous month or previous year. Yep.

So your buying power is decreasing. And what we’re looking at right now is, gas prices are going up. I Because of a recent hack but also lumber prices are skyrocketing right now. Everything has just been increasing over time. And right now we have the fed or whoever’s in the government and treasury, they’re saying, Hey inflation is temporary. But my opinion is I. Don’t think it’s temporary. It’s going higher and higher. Their job is ultimately to try to keep people calm for as long as possible. So we want to talk about what we’re doing to defend against it. And then, you can go do your own research. Your mileage may vary. Neil and I, what we’re not saying, what we’re doing is the end all be all and we’re a hundred percent correct.

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So Neil, you want to start first? Yeah. The big thing that you can do is just not leave as much things in cash. It’s up to you and whatever you do. And again, this is not financial advice, but what we’re doing, I’m trying to avoid less money in cash because the value is depreciating and putting it into other things you can pick. If you want to keep it in cash, which is fine, or you can put it into cryptocurrency stocks, you can put it into a real estate. You can put it into almost anything, but typically during inflationary periods, Keeping money in cash usually provide you the least return. Yeah. So ultimately you want to be aiming for hard assets and you might argue that, Hey, crypto is online. It’s not a hard asset. At the end of the day, when you think about hard assets, you think about crypto, which has a scarcity element to it. More.

So on the Bitcoin side even if you get an NFT, there’s a scarcity element to it as well. And gold certainly. There’s gold bugs out there. Silver people. I have some silver, I don’t really have much gold at all. You can do real estate too. I just think prices are a little too high right now. And you’re trying to get into hard assets and a really good example of this. I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but. There’s a guy. I think his name was Hugo steins. And Darren, why Mar Germany, when Germany had a big debt to pay from to repay from world war one? What was going on was that they couldn’t afford it. So what happened was they just kept printing more and more money and they actually started giving money away to people because France and I believe another country invaded because they wanted to get their money back.

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And they’re like, just guys, don’t go to work. We’re just going to give you money. What’s happening right now. It looks like there’s a lot of free money going on right now. We see like different income streams or different income levels. The spending has increased, sorry, by 40 50% plus it’s getting higher and higher prices are going up. And what happened with Germany hyperinflation, and I’m not, I don’t know if hyperinflation is going to happen here. I hope it does it. We do have the benefit of being the reserve currency right now, but what. What happened in Germany was that they kept printing more and more. And eventually the bills became so worthless that people just used them to make fires. And so you don’t want that to happen. Venezuela is another example of this. But you know what he goes did, going back to him, he took on as much debt as possible because he saw hyperinflation coming and he just deployed all that money into hard assets.

And we’re not saying to do that. That’s just an example, but he ended up becoming one of the Germany’s richest people. So Neil, you wanna close it out? Yeah you won’t be able to stop inflation. That’s not something that you are. I control a lot of it has to do with the governments and regulations. All you can do is just do your best to prepare. Sometimes it won’t work the way you want. Sometimes it will. Just be careful. As Eric mentioned, we don’t recommend that you just go take on a ton of risks. Inflation is not crazy right now where things are going up 10% or five or 6%. Hopefully it stays nominal and we’ll end up finding out more over time and it’s going to vary country by country. But in other words, we appreciate you listening to this episode, we noticed a little bit different. But it does affect you because when you’re doing marketing or entrepreneurship, you’re selling something and your costs Republican arise due to inflation, which means you’re going to have to adjust your price. But on a side note, we’re meeting everyone up in San Francisco. Soon. If you want to learn more details, check out marketing

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