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Today, we’re going to talk about five ways to create a fantastic company, social media accounts. So I’ll go first. When you think about a social media account, number one, what I would do is. Posts wins about the people within your company. So social media account, that’s a corporate standpoint. Isn’t just about driving new customers. It’s also about, it’s a tool to use for building culture, for recruiting people, amazing talent, which also helps grow your company.

So when you have employee of the month or someone does something amazing, or you guys do some office parties and you do some cool stuff, Share it on social media acknowledge the cool stuff that your people within your company do and giving knowledgement people like the praise. And it’s a great way to build a social media account for a company. Yeah. We have a channel on slack where we have people share they might share their pets. They might share the food that they’re eating. It’s just, it’s called a share out basically. And we can take those photos and basically.

Talk about the story behind the right today, we asked about people’s dogs and then there’s a story behind each person’s dog. So it’s really humanizing your company more and people end up wanting to do business with people, especially if you think about Neal’s, let’s use Neil’s agency or my agency as an example, it’s your, even though it’s B2B or you’re still doing business with people, you want to humanize and you want to show off your people too. That’s my number two. Number three showcase your work. So if you’re a consulting company like us, you may add in case studies into your social media posts, the work you’ve done for other companies, so that can help drive new customers. Or if let’s say you’re a product company, you can share your newest e-commerce product. Are people using it or unboxing videos, or you could even show. Product features. If you’re building a new SAS app or a new feature, you can leak out previews of it on your social media account. That works really well too.

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And you’ll get a lot of followers that are very relevant. You won’t get the quantity, but you’ll get a lot of relevant followers. Cool. And number four is share customer wins, share testimonials because that stuff also helps too. If people are actually openly out there sharing how much they love your product, you can actually take someone’s video, make it into the story, convert it. We talked about going omni-channel right. Convert it to all of the different channels and just share it. You can sometimes he would take some of those videos. Now you can run these new Instagram reels ads. You can run the YouTube shorts ads, which are really cheap right now. So think about how you can take these customer kind of wins and repurpose them and maybe even run ads against them. Yeah. Number five. Last, but not least have input from your company and team on what they should or shouldn’t post on social media.

You’ll have a lot of differences of opinion within your organization of what should be posted, what shouldn’t be posted. But taking the opinions and keep things in taken into account. You’ll notice that some people may have polarizing viewpoints within your organization. And that’s fine, that’s normal, but you want to be careful and not showcase stuff that could potentially hurt your business and cause you to derail your revenue or actually decline because I’ve seen some corporate accounts without naming. They’ll post some stuff that can really alienate a large percentage of the population and it causes their business to suffer and I’ve seen people get fired over it, but I would just have either a committee or survey, quite a few people within an organization and get their opinions. And that way you guys have a rough viewpoint of, Hey, here are the rough guidelines here. What we’re willing to pose. Here’s what we’re not. And you can create a rubric around it as well. So that way people know what to follow in the future. All right. So that is it for today. Marketing school, the IO slash live L I V E. And we’ll catch you.

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