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Today, we are going to talk about why marketers should be angel investors. So first we should define what angel investors actually. So an angel investor is someone who puts a small amount of money into early stage companies. Early stage companies are usually ideas or people who just got their company off the ground and they need some capital to grow. Yup. And so angel investing could be writing a $1,000 check or a $500 check, it doesn’t have to be 25, 50, a hundred, 500 grand or so these are all angel investments, right? In my opinion. I think angel investing is interesting because I get a window into another world. I get it.

I get a window into trends that I might be interested in. So as an example, I’m an investor in a company called eight sleep, which is sleep tech that I use on my bed. It’s great because my bed and it also gives me sleep analytics as well, and they’re adding a bunch of stuff to it. So I do think that’s very much the future. And now when I read the investor updates, I see what’s going on.

What’s trending and also I have what’s trending is great, but also I can see what they’re doing from a marketing perspective to how they’re growing. And I can also see what they’re missing, how it can potentially accelerate them as well. So it gets my mind going from a strategic standpoint, but also gives me ideas as well. And the other investors, when I’m looking at the investors list, there’s, it’s a marquee list, right? You have  and you have all these other people. Potentially down the road, We could do something together, right? So there, maybe there’s a partnership opportunity there too. I’m just scraping the surface here, but I wanted to hear what Neil has to say too. No, look with angel investing.

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There’s just so much potential because I got into investor years and years ago. And as a marketer, why I love it is if you believe in a product you believe in a service and as a marketer, you believe you can end up growing it. If you give them feedback, you don’t have to do the work, but if you give them feedback and teach them how to grow. A, you can end up making more money from your cash because they’re growing faster, which hopefully improves your returns. And then B, when you invest in a lot of companies, you can see what they’re doing to grow from a marketing and a growth standpoint, and you’ll learn new tactics. And then you can end up implementing into your business. A great example of this is I invested in a company called Remitly years and years ago. One of the biggest ways they grew as TV advertising, it really brought my attention to it. And starting on June 12th or technically this podcast a little bit past that cause we prerecord. But by now I’m going to be having quite a bit of TV ads going up each and every single week on the financial stocks. What’s interesting to them. One thing I learned is a couple of these investments I’ve done recently. And these, just to let you know, these check sizes are anywhere from 10 to 25, 50 grand in general. That’s the range I stayed in sometimes maybe a hundred. I’ve learned that a lot of these startups, they’re growing a lot through Twitter, which is fascinating to me. I’m just like, wow.

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And that’s actually how I heard of these startups as well. To me. We’ve talked about this maybe the last two, three months or so I do think Twitter is a very untapped channel and I’ve actually testing something right now where I might be doing some pay for performance tweets, someone that’s really good at Twitter. It’s just going to take over mine. And we’ll see how that goes. I just, there’s a lot of opportunity, when you get connected for these deals, other people want in, on these deals too. So what you can do is you can go on angel list and you can start a syndicate. And so if Neil wants in, on some of the deals that I’m getting access to, maybe I’ll take maybe I’ll take some carry on top of it, right? Meaning I’ll take some of the profits and Neil will be happy to do that. I’m giving him deal flow, that otherwise he wouldn’t have access to. So you get there’s other partnership partnership opportunities there.

So I think as a marketer in general, again, you don’t need to write big checks because I think there’s there’s something called it’s not founders fund it’s funders club or something like that. And I put, this was a long time ago. I put $3,000 into a company called ShipBob and now that’s worth like 41 K or maybe 80 K or something like that. So I’m like, oh, this is when I didn’t know anything. I see close to 10 years ago, something like that. So you can get your feet wet. Go ahead. If you put in like a million dollars, I wish only if only I did anyway, deal. Anything else? I think that’s it. All right. Marching school IO slash live. That’s L I V E. Learn about our virtual and our live event. We’d love to hang out with you in person or virtually and we’ll catch up.

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