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Today, we are going to talk about how student athletes can now make money through endorsements. And here’s what it actually means. So I want to give you an example here, because I’m a big USC football fan. And back when Reggie Bush was playing, this guy won the Heisman trophy, which is like the best player in college.

He won two national championships and he was, he had to have his Heisman taken away. And USC had 14 victories vacated because he took money after the NCAA, which is the governing body. For college football they were like, okay, you got Bush, you had free rent and you took $10,000 and money. We’re going to take all this stuff away now, now the NCAA is okay, athletes can now make money through endorsements and bushes. Like what about me? I worked all for that. So that’s a side note, but that just comes to mind immediately.

Cause it sucks for a lot of athletes in the past where they were getting marketed and NCAA was making a lot of money, but the athletes weren’t making money. So let’s talk about the implications of this. What are your thoughts in general? First off, all these colleges and people are making money off of the athletes, but yet the athletes can get paid for all their work and their effort that makes in 40 states. I don’t know if he does this in 40 states. Coaches are the highest paid employees. Wow. Yep. These college coaches even professional, right? Like the NBA and stuff like that. They get paid an arm and a leg. So I just look at it.

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What the heck all these people are the ones going out there injuring their bodies, pushing really hard and they don’t, they can’t get compensated for it. It’s not fair. That’s at least just my opinion. Others may disagree and I may not be looking at all the facts, but I just look at it as if I’m putting my body through the ringer and I can get hurt and ruin my career. I should get compensated for it. Doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old and college or you’re in the NBA. But the big thing that I see this is going to change is I think it’s going to create a ripple effect and people are going to start rethinking other industries where. People don’t get paid for doing certain things. And I don’t know what they are. I can’t think of some of these other industries off the top of my head, but I do know that there are places where people put in a lot of work energy and they’re not getting really compensated. Yeah. So here’s what I would say. Here’s the number that just popped up again, Michigan football, which is pretty popular in the United States.

We’re talking about American football here, where they throw the ball, not soccer. And so they, I think they do a hundred million dollars a year from their football program. I could be wrong. Someone can correct me. And so what I would say. Neil talked about influencer marketing, being a long-term marketing trend. I think it’s here to stay. Guess what? Now you can sponsor the your favorite player. So when Kevin Durant was playing at Texas, right? All these people, you can sponsor them through endorsements. And not only that, if you’re sponsoring Kevin Duran, Before he became Kevin Durrette. You now have the relationship with him because you’re paying your way through to get this access. And so let’s say, I’m a college then it’s okay, this random guy, Neil just invested a hundred thousand dollars in Kevin Duran. He’s going to know who you are and he’s going to pay attention and down the road, you can do deals with him later. So I think there’s a ripple effect beyond kind of just sponsoring them and, doing doing ads, getting that type of awareness. You can obviously do the same thing with e-sports players.

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Now you can do things with rising stars. And I think that’s super exciting because you’ve know who’s going to become a superstar, right? What’s it that Trevor Lawrence, who was the Clemson quarterback, I think he’s going to be a star in the NFL, Zion, Williamson. You knew he was going to be a star. Just being able to do that ahead of time, it’s going to become, I think it’s going to become a circus. Neil, any final thoughts? Final thoughts from my end. I think with influencers, I think about social media as marketers, Facebook makes money. Instagram makes money. Why wouldn’t influencers make money and why can’t they charge it? And you’re seeing that, but the same starts going with other, other things out there with why can’t they sell a portion of themselves like a revenue share agreement and get money earlier. And someone gets a proceed of, let’s say. Their future value. I think there’s actually a ton of money to be made in things like that. That’s even better. All right. So those are just a couple of thoughts for you all and if it makes sense, check it out and that is it for today marketing school and the IO slash live that’s L I V E to learn about our virtual and our live events. And we’ll catch you later. Live event is September 12th to the 14th, I believe. And yeah.