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Today, we’re going to talk about the biggest SEO opportunity you are missing. So what does that opportunity, Neil? The biggest opportunity that we see as he is missing today is use ability or user experience. We’re not talking about design, like interaction design on wire frames and stuff like that. We’re talking about when a user lands on your website. And they have this problem, whatever problem they have, typically it’s related to the keyword that they’re searching for.

Did you solve it now? Some of that could be your design usability, but it’s more so the content, the videos, whatever you’re doing to convey the solution to them. And it’s funny when someone does a Google search and Eric, we’re both SES, have you ever done a Google search and being like, wow, this site should be ranked at the top. It has a million backlinks. Like when you do Google searches for products or stuff like that, or to solve your Palm, do you really care about who has the most backlinks that’s ranked at the top? Never. Exactly. All he cares about is did the webpage solve. And SEOs are all thinking about keywords and backlinks and on-page errors instead of being like, what are the queries people are searching for? What is the real root, meanings behind these queries? What are people trying to solve?

And can I solve it? And that’s truly the key to rank ranking at the top in the long run. But for some reason, SEO’s are thinking codes and backlinks and, oh, let me just create content with tons of keywords instead of focusing on the root problem, which is someone has an issue you need to solve it for that searcher. That’s how you rank the highest at the top in the long run and keep it right. Yeah. Practically,

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if I were to go back in time, I don’t know about you, Neil, but when I first started learning SEO, it was, I was focused on links. I was focused on content. I was, I got too obsessed with that. Where, you started looking at at least for me, you start looking at, different ways. You can do things, right? You start going, you go to the white hat forums, you go to the black hat forums, you start running articles, spinning software. This is like 10 plus years ago. Your site gets torched. I think if I were to go back in time and what I would tell myself is, Hey, think about what’s most important from like a business perspective or a customer perspective. It’s, what’s in it for me, right? It’s not, Hey, it’s not about the links. It’s not about the content or, all these little things at the end of day, are you solving a problem for them? And I wish I think I’ve wished I approach SEO was more of like a. Kind of customer centric mindset, and I think that’s more applicable to business, right? Cause when you’re starting a business, you’re thinking about the customer, how can it continue to solve? How can I continue to do customer development and what I see, there’s nothing wrong with this. A lot of SEO’s are definitely smarter than Neil on myself. They have the potential to make the most of themselves where they can become super high level that maybe they even start their own businesses.

They get stuck in this echo chamber of SEOs, arguing with each other all the time about this ranking factor, that ranking factor this and that. And you should just start playing this game that doesn’t really help yourself longterm. And but if you were to think about. How can I just continue to serve the customer very similar to Amazon, they just keep thinking of how can I make it better for the customer? How can I serve the customer? Things just keep expanding because you have a mindset of abundance versus kind of a mindset of to me, I used to have a mindset of scarcity when it came to doing SEO, I used to try to hog everything and worry about all the domain authority, not sharing the link juice. And even to the point where I was doing internal links sculpting, so too much of that stuff is not good for you. You might as well spend that, that, that energy. On other stuff, thinking about things that are higher leverage Neil. It’s so funny. I used to back in there, I’d be like, oh, let’s do some PR sculpting and all this kind of stuff. And I’m like I’m like, all right, it’s a waste of time versus focusing on the user. Yep. So that is it for today. Go to marketing and, or sorry. No life. That’s L I V E go to marketing L I V E to learn more about our marketing community. We’ve got a virtual one and alive one. That’s it for today. And we’ll see you.

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