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Today, we’re going to talk about what Neil and Eric would invest in today. So this recording is happening June 21. Yeah. And so Neil, you want to start first? Yeah. So let’s make it short to the point where we only can each pick one thing you go with that. Yeah. You go first. I would invest in yourself.

So everyone right now there’s a crypto craze. There’s the NFT craze. People talk about M and a and buying businesses. But what’s funny is that I rarely see people talking about is their own education. I’m not talking about college. If you want to go to college, I’m talking about just improving yourself. So if you’re a marketer, get better at marketing. Go spend time building up a website, spend money on us of courses, or if you want to buy a small business that you can even learn marketing on, go and do that. But the reason I say, invest in yourself, I believe the best way to make money and the way you can get rich. Yeah. You do something really well, and you be the best in class.

And the only way to do that is to invest in yourself whether it’s going to mastermind or whether, and I know people make fun of them or whether it’s going to conferences or whether it’s buying courses or eBooks, or just spending time learning from other people or joining networking groups like EO or YPO, seriously invest in yourself. Knowledge is priceless. It’ll benefit you in the future. Even if it doesn’t have a direct ROI. That’s what I think you should do if you wanted to invest today. That’s no fun cause Neil took my answer, but so I’ll go a little deeper.

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And then Neil and I can go back and forth just to make this a lot clear for you all. So Warren buffet says the best investment you could ever make is actually in yourself, even though he’s the Oracle of Omaha and. To Neil’s point the masterminds are super helpful. And I would encourage you to think about you have the internet marketer masterminds, and then you have what I’d like to call peer groups. I like to separate them a little bit. And you can certainly learn a lot from the internet marketing masterminds. Do they share a lot of tactics, a lot of strategies. But it’s just a different vibe. But like when you go to me, when you joined like an EEO or you joined a YPO or mastermind talks, which is Jason  group, which is great. Or to me, so going to the Ted conference, these are all groups and th they start to add up, right? These aren’t necessarily cheap because if you’re paying for like these types of memberships you’re investing five grand from the membership fee than five grand for your forum. And then maybe another 10 grand for your, the retreat that you go to every single year.

As you add on more and more masterminds or peer groups, it gets really expensive. The Ted conference alone, that tickets $15,000 per year. But the caliber of the people that you’re meeting, like one guy I just met, we’re just talking and we’re just sit standing in line for food. He’s oh yeah. I just sold my company that was doing $33 million a year to cap Gemini. Talk to these other startups, one guy’s running behind hands one. Guy’s the leader of podcasts that apple, just really smart people that are doing amazing, interesting things. And the conversations are a lot more interesting. That’s on the peer group mastermind side. And if you don’t have the money for that right now, you can start it yourself. That’s what I did when I didn’t have any money. Groups of people together, I would just order Mediterranean food for everyone. And we just eat at my place, put people in the hot seat. Like you can find these mastermind templates online. The other thing Neil’s talking about too, is investing in courses like I’ve back when I had no money, I would go on these torrent websites and get all the courses.

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So there’s a tort website for courses. And then now, like I just, I’m just saying look, I should support these people. Just last year I paid $2,000 for a course from our mutual friend, Roland Frasier. And I enjoyed that one. So I like to me also, books are the best deal too, right? Because you’re paying 10, 20, $30 for a book and you’re getting years and years of someone’s wisdom. So to me, these are all cheat codes to, to level up and get ahead. You know what, when I hear from people that, oh I don’t need to do this stuff. I don’t need to learn anymore. That’s, I just learned from business, like that’s only one element of learning when you can learn from so many other sources. I think that compounds your growth rate, right? So at the end of the day, you can’t beat investing in yourself because nobody can ever take it away from you and you can’t really go negative on yourself. I think everyone, to an extent grows like the vast majority of people grow. It’s just a question. How fast is your growth rate each year as a human being Neil? Yeah, I think we pretty much covered it. And last but not least, if you want to learn more about marketing and invest in yourself, check out marketing And that’s why we did it because we wanted our own peer group anyway.